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Delivery program

We deliver all kinds of OEM spares for CEGIELSKI – SULZER main/auxiliary engines, CEGIELSKI - MAN main/auxiliary engines and air compressors, turbocharger spares, pumps, separators, filters, electrical and electronical equipment spares, fittings, hydraulic devices and many more.


SUBMARINE Ship’s Technical Service owns a large stock of OEM spares for Cegielski – Sulzer and Cegielski – MAN main and auxiliary engines.

Fast delivery

Considerable stock level enables us to secure immediate deliveries of all kinds of items.

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SUBMARINE Ship’s Technical Service
ul. Kasztelańska 3, Budzistowo
78-100 Kołobrzeg, Poland
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auxiliary engines:
S20D; S20H; S20U; AL20/24; AL20D; AL20R; AL20H; AL25/30;
ASL 25/30; ASL25D; ASL25H; ATL25D; ATL 25H; ATL25RWHFO; AV25/30; ASV25/30; ASV25H; ATV25H; ATV25/30; etc.


main engines:
RTA48T; RTA48TB; RTA58; RTA58T; RTA62; RTA 62U; RTA72; RTA72U; RTA76; RTA84; RTA84C; RND 68; RND68M; RND76; RND76M; RND 90; RND90M; RL56; RL66; RL76; RL90; RD68; RD76; RD90; etc.


main and auxiliary engines:
L16/24; L28/32H; L23/30H; L35MC; L50MC; L67GF; etc.