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Delivery program

We deliver all kinds of OEM spares for CEGIELSKI – SULZER main/auxiliary engines, CEGIELSKI - MAN main/auxiliary engines and air compressors, turbocharger spares, pumps, separators, filters, electrical and electronical equipment spares, fittings, hydraulic devices and many more.


SUBMARINE Ship’s Technical Service owns a large stock of OEM spares for Cegielski – Sulzer and Cegielski – MAN main and auxiliary engines.

Fast delivery

Considerable stock level enables us to secure immediate deliveries of all kinds of items.

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SUBMARINE Ship’s Technical Service


SUBMARINE Ship’s Technical Service is one of the leading Polish marine spare parts suppliers for Sulzer diesel engines. We specialize in the technical supplies OEM Spare Parts – suitable for Cegielski – Sulzer and Cegielski – MAN main and auxiliary engines. We keep extensive business contacts with many companies around the world. Considerable stock level and reliable technical background are the strongest points of our company. Year by year we have been improving the quality of our service and gaining more and more satisfied clients.


auxiliary engines:
S20D; S20H; S20U; AL20/24; AL20D; AL20R; AL20H; AL25/30;
ASL 25/30; ASL25D; ASL25H; ATL25D; ATL 25H; ATL25RWHFO; AV25/30; ASV25/30; ASV25H; ATV25H; ATV25/30; etc.


main engines:
RTA48T; RTA48TB; RTA58; RTA58T; RTA62; RTA 62U; RTA72; RTA72U; RTA76; RTA84; RTA84C; RND 68; RND68M; RND76; RND76M; RND 90; RND90M; RL56; RL66; RL76; RL90; RD68; RD76; RD90; etc.


main and auxiliary engines:
L16/24; L28/32H; L23/30H; L35MC; L50MC; L67GF; etc.